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IT Consulting and Services

Striving to experience new triumphs, rise to new
challenges and reach new heights.

Nobody Does IT Better!

At ITCS (IT Consulting and Services), our strategy is to use our expertise in services, consulting, and technology to help customers achieve performance at higher levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers. We use our industry and business-process knowledge, our service offering expertise and our insight into, and understanding of, emerging technologies and new business and technology trends to formulate and implement solutions with and for our valued customers. Our strategy is focused on helping customers improve their operational performance and grow their businesses.

We are one of the fastest growing IT services firm in Pakistan. Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day. Building on years of experience, we add real value to businesses through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service.

Our Core Values

Valuing Customers
We hold our customers in the highest regard and place them at the center of all that we do.
Valuing People
We value our workforce, their experience, skills, knowledge, commitment. Our people are our most valuable asset.
We work collaboratively, and develop and maintain productive working relationships based on mutual respect.
We aspire to be leaders in our field, as individuals and as a company. We have pride in our professional approach and in the quality of our work.
We are accountable for our decisions, our actions, and our results.
We demonstrate honesty and transparency in our actions.


ITCS (IT Consulting and Services) believes in giving back, this is the reason why we donate a portion from every sale we make to to local charities. Additionally ITCS (IT Consulting and Services) employees take time to give back to various charities and important causes in their communities. It is what motivates us and helps achieve greater success.

Our Philosophy

ITCS operates according to the teachings of Islam. We never bribe, lie, cheat, deceive, give or receive interest. We never motivate customers by adopting fraudulent business practices. We have followed these principles since day one and Insha Allah will continue to operate in the same manner. Even in a corrupt society where bribery is considered a norm, ITCS has never and will never give or receive bribes. Not many firms across the world can say that they run an interest-free – bribery free operation however by the Grace of Allah S.W.T, ITCS has taken upon itself to prove to all that such a clean business model which is based on Islamic principles is not only possible but also profitable.