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IT Consulting and Services

ITCS (IT Consulting and Services) is a privately held company that has extensive and well-established experience in the IT industry. We offer high quality, cost effective business solutions to both the public and private business sectors. When you choose ITCS (IT Consulting and Services) as your IT services, consulting and business solutions partner, you will discover what so many enterprises have already discovered—the power of certainty.

We are one of the fastest growing IT services firm in Pakistan. Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day. Building on years of experience, we add real value to businesses through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service. It’s how we keep you moving forward.

Quick Facks

Mission Statement
We provide IT solutions, services and consulting to our valued customers. .
Our Vision
ITCS’ vision is to become the first choice IT solution provider not just in Pakistan, but around the globe. We will this happen by hard work, devotion, commitment, innovation, consistency, reliability and quality service. .
Our Philosophy
ITCS operates according to the teachings of Islam. We never bribe, lie, cheat, deceive, give or receive interest. We never motivate customers by adopting fraudulent business practices. We have followed these principles since day one and Insha Allah will continue to operate in the same manner. Even in a corrupt society where bribery is considered a norm, ITCS has never and will never give or receive bribes. Not many firms across the world can say that they run an interest-free – bribery free operation however by the Grace of Allah S.W.T, ITCS has taken upon itself to prove to all that such a clean business model which is based on Islamic principles is not only possible but also profitable.
ITCS strives to provide its customers with the best possible solutions using the latest available technology. Our highly qualified, trained and certified staff works tirelessly to ensure that our customers remain competitive through technology.

Logo Logic

Many customers have asked us what our logo stands for or means. So for all those inquisitive minds, our logo stands for ITCS.
No seriously, it does! How you ask? Well our logo is ITCS spelled in binary. Consider that the circles in our logo represent LEDs, and also consider that an active LED i.e. (colored) represents a binary 1 where as the dull LED represents a binary zero. The letter I’s ASCII code is 73. The first row of LEDs represent the letter I since I in decimal is 73 and in binary is 01001001, similarly the second row of LEDs represent the letter T. T in decimal is 84 and in binary is 01010100 and so on. The secret is now out!

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