SecureSphere File Security

SecureSphere File Security

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Protect File Data and Ensure Compliance

Protecting unstructured data can be a big challenge. Many organizations are still in the dark about who owns the file data, which users have access rights, and who is actually using the data. With SecureSphere File Security, companies can protect data on file servers, network attached storage (NAS) devices and SharePoint, while gaining full visibility of data ownership, usage, and access rights. This allows IT managers to improve data security and meet compliance requirements.

Product Description


SecureSphere File Security lets you:

  • Identify excessive user access rights and enable a comprehensive file rights audit and review cycle
  • Audit access to files, including access by privileged users
  • Alert on, or block file access requests that violate corporate policies
  • Identify data owners
  • Accelerate incident response and forensic investigations through centralized management and advanced analytics

SecureSphere File Security Products

File Activity Monitoring

Delivers user rights management, real-time monitoring, and auditing of access to files stored on file servers and NAS devices. Provides flexible alerting, analytics, and reporting.

File Firewall

Provides real-time file security with policy-based alerting and blocking, auditing of access activity, and user rights management for files stored on file servers and NAS devices. Facilitates forensics and incident response.

SecureSphere for SharePoint

Protects SharePoint files, web, and database elements addressing SharePoint’s unique security requirements. Ensures that authorized users can access data, when and where they need it, while others cannot. Helps IT and SharePoint administrators strengthen security and meet compliance mandates.

Directory Services Monitoring

Helps IT achieve security and compliance goals for Microsoft Active Directory. Provides separation of duty, privileged-user monitoring, and protects against privilege escalation.

User Rights Management for Files

Automatically aggregates and displays user access rights for review. Analyzes rights to sensitive data, and identifies excessive rights and dormant users, based on actual usage.

SecureSphere File Security Agents

Monitor and audit file activity and eliminate monitoring blind spots. Allow organizations to deploy an efficient mix of agent-based and network-based activity monitoring.


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