SecureSphere Platform

SecureSphere Platform

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A Solid Foundation for Web, Database, and File Security

The SecureSphere platform is the cornerstone of Imperva's award-winning data security products. The SecureSphere platform includes centralized management and reporting framework, physical and virtual appliance delivery options, and server agent software that extends data security to host systems. The SecureSphere platform, with its flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, provides organizations the scalability, adaptability, and management needed to deploy state of the art data security solutions.

Product Description

Key Capabilities

  • Centrally administer, upgrade and monitor multiple SecureSphere gateways
  • Define role based access controls to restrict user privileges and hierarchically manage and group IT assets
  • Unify auditing, reporting and real-time monitoring across heterogynous platforms
  • Support both hardware appliances and virtual appliances for flexible, scalable provisioning in any environment
  • Extend SecureSphere's monitoring and enforcement capabilities to individual hosts with SecureSphere agents

SecureSphere Platform

Management, Analytics, and Reporting

The SecureSphere MX Management Server is a centralized management platform for multiple SecureSphere gateways. It provides a single point for aggregating security policy, hierarchical security management, real-time monitoring, logging, auditing and compliance reporting. The SecureSphere MX Management Server can simultaneously manage SecureSphere Database, File and Web Security gateways from a single console.

Hardware Appliances

SecureSphere appliances provide superior performance, scalability, and resiliency for demanding network environments. Fail-open interfaces offer fast, cost-effective high availability. A high performance architecture allows organizations to support heavy traffic loads while consolidating device management. To maximize uptime, the SecureSphere X2500, X4500, and X6500 models feature redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, fans, and hard drives. SecureSphere hardware appliances provide the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to power the SecureSphere Database, File and Web security solutions.

Virtual Appliances

SecureSphere Virtual Appliances provide the complete SecureSphere product line in a flexible, easy to install software solution. Virtual Appliances allow organizations to leverage existing hardware for data center consolidation, maximize server utilization and cut power, cooling and support costs. Virtual Appliances offer adaptable, reliable and manageable security for organizations of all sizes.


For 360 degree visibility into user activity, SecureSphere extends its monitoring, auditing, and enforcement capabilities to host servers. The light weight SecureSphere agent can be used to audit database activity and protect sensitive data with minimal impact to the server performance. Agent communications to the SecureSphere appliance are buffered and encrypted to prevent data loss or compromise. SecureSphere agents can optionally block user activity and quarantine user accounts in the event of a security violation.


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