Web Application Security

Web Application Security

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Monitor and Protect Critical Web Applications

Web applications are a prime target for hackers because they are easily accessible and can yield highly valuable data. Companies need to protect their websites, but without compromising performance. Imperva’s Web Application Security continuously adapts to evolving threats, and enables security professionals, network managers, and application developers to mitigate the risk of data breaches and address compliance requirements such as PCI DSS 6.6.

Product Description


Imperva Web Application Security offers:

  • Automatic learning of web application structure and usage
  • Stronger web defenses through research-driven intelligence from the Imperva ADC
  • Virtual patching of application vulnerabilities to reduce the window of exposure and the impact of ad-hoc application fixes
  • Transparent, drop-in deployment
  • Cloud-based services that simplify web application security and protect against DDoS attacks

Web Application Security Products

SecureSphere Web Application Firewall

Protects business applications and data from current and future security threats by combining multiple security engines into a cohesive web defense. Automatically protects against SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and CSRF. Continuously incorporates updated policies and signatures from the Imperva ADC.

ThreatRadar Reputation Services

Offer protection against large-scale automated attacks by instantly detecting and blocking known malicious sources, anonymizing services, and questionable geographic locations.

ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention

Allows IT to quickly provision and manage fraud detection, and enforce fraud security policies. Integrates with leading web fraud solutions to transparently identify and protect against fraudulent transactions.

Imperva Incapsula

An easy and affordable service that integrates Web Application Firewall, DDoS mitigation, and a content delivery network, through a single, unified, cloud-based service.


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